Current Freedom Roster

FKA USS Freedom
Saturdays, 8:00 ET (5:00 PT)
Private Room: FKA USS Freedom

Captain A. Payne - Human - Commanding Officer
Cmdr. Sher Half-Pipe - Human/Klingon - XO, Science Officer
Cmdr. K'Lynxyl - Caitian - Second Officer, Counselor
Lt. Cmdr. Lott Tadtasi - Tiburon* (humanoid) - Chief Engineer
Lt. Cmdr. Tarra Nebendi - Kzinti - Chief of Security
Yeoman A'Chala - Catian - Chief Tactical Officer
Lt. jg Vak-Surik - Vulcan - Communications
Ensign Falken - Human - Chief Operations Officer
"Thor" - "Space Viking"
--open-- - Helm
--open-- - Asst. Security/Tactical Officer
--open-- - Asst. Engineer
--open-- - Asst. Medical Officer
--open-- - Asst. Operations Officer
--open-- - Asst. Communications

If you'd like to apply for any of these positions, send me an e-mail, describing what you're interested in, and asking any questions you might have.

Other Dramatis Personae (reoccuring NPCs):

Lt. Droolin

Ben Dover

Tarra's Security Team

S'Varr, aka "The Caitian Tourist"

The Freedom's Emergency Medical Hologram, or "EMH"

Captain M'Rander

Admiral S'Cowl

Admiral Ironbottom

Maarcuz Ritt (see K'Lynxyl)

Dr. Hojo

Warrant of Arrrest of charges on the crew by Admiral Ironbottom, SD 12-11-04 ( durring "Wrath of Ironbottom" )

Inspector's Report on the Freedom crew by K'Lynxyl, SD 11-9-02 ( following "This Really ... Bites" )

kids of some of the crew

notable former crewmen

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