A. Payne's Biography

Name: A. Payne

Age: 38 ?

Height: 6' 0"

Weight: 170 lbs.

Hair: Dark Brown/Gray

Eyes: Brown

Race: Human

Rank: Captain

Position: Starship Captain

Nickname(s): "Captain Clueless"

The longest-serving officer on the USS Freedom, Payne has seen his share of the weirdness the ship has to offer. While he hasn't entirely given up on trying to make the ship a saner place, he considers a week without a major breakdown in either the ship's systems or crew discipline an accomplishment. Having "seen it all," he's willing to brave the unknown, monsters, Kzin raiders, etc., though is jittery and unsure of women's' advances.

There has been some confusion over this man's name, as a recent glitch in the Starfleet databanks erased a number of names, including his. When the sector Admiral was asked whom he was, the irritated Admiral grumbled, "HE'S A PAIN!!" And so the name "A. Payne" was written down and forwarded to all databanks across the Federation. After all, when is Starfleet ever made an error?

Payne tries to go about doing his duties and helping out his crew the best he can. He's not usually very demanding, knowing all too well the craziness the ship's nature can unleash into the best-laid plans. It's been stated he'd be happier being a department head rather than captain as his rank and position can put a wrinkle into friendships.

Background Payne's background before his entry in Starfleet is unknown. His first recorded apperace was being found, unconscious, on the USS Freedom in '97 shortly after the ship was caught in a space-time disturbance that resulted in numerous early 21st Century Earth artifacts being found on the ship, and the disapperance of an Lt. jg. Fred Melvin. After unscrambling the data damaged by the disturbance, Compy, the sapient computer aboard the Freedom, stated Payne had just graduated from Starfleet Academy and had been assigned to the ship. Payne himself seemed to be suffering from temporary amnesia as he was unable to recall attending the Academy, but went ahead to his duties. Despite a lack of records at the Academy and no one able to remember him, and later on Compy going insaine and self-destructing the ship, his commision has not been called into question.

Curiously, Payne's facial features, fingerprints, tooth fillings (one of only a very few who have any today), match those of a man by the same name who dissappeared in Earth's early 21st Century. As the man was deeply in debt after his girlfriend took his car and credit card and went on a wild spending spree, and under a lawsuit by the woman's father after she got into an accident and sprained her ankle, he is thought to have ran off and resumed a new identity. Coincidentaly, about this time a Fred Melvin went to the police, claiming to be a starship officer from the future. He was picked up by mental health workers, and spent the rest of his days in a sanitarium.

Service Record Payne had an initally mixed record in his first few weeks, having trouble with various devices, but often finding simple solutions to complex problems. Since then, his performace has steadily improved, serving as security officer, engineer, Tactical Officer (TAC-O), and finally Executive Officer. As XO, he prided himself as then Captain Treki's "professional influence," counterbalancing the half-Klingon captain's "more impulsive" actions.

As Captain of the Freedom, Payne had only Treki Riker as a personal example of how to captain a ship. Although not as charismatic as she was, he took his work more seriously and paperwork in his office actually got done and vid-mails actually were answered. Unfortunately, shortly after his captaincy was official, several senior officers left the ship, the only other of the "old guard" remaining being Lera t'Resan. This created an extra strain on him for a while. Compounding the strain were rumors Treki and the officers who left had been involved in an artifact smuggling ring, and the pressure he got from the new Starfleet sector commander, Admiral Ironbottom, who had little but disdain for the Freedom and it's captain. An Inspector was eventually sent to evaluate the ship. Despite her presumably positive report (she used family connections to join the same crew she judged), Ironbottom's pressure continued. Fortunately the addition of more skilled crewman helped to ease the load on Payne.

Ironbottom eventually ordered the arrest of Payne and the rest of the senior crewmen under a list of charges. Following his actions at the Battle of New Cait, most of the charges were dropped. He was tried for a supposed violation of the Prime Directive at the insistance of Admiral S'Cowl, but was found Not Guilty.

Payne continues to serve as Captain of the Freedom, but with Admiral S'Cowl as the new sector commander, little seems to have changed for him.

Medals & Decorations Payne has been awarded the Purple Heart numerous times, usually for disruptor shots, native spears, creature bites, etc., on the vicinity of his posterior.

Physician's Notes:

"The subject is quite healthy, strong, quick reaction time, though could stand to go easy on the coffee and stimulants. Hair shows signs of getting prematurly gray. Male reproductive organs dammaged due to blow from Klingon Painstick when turned on full power. Backside has numerous scars."

Psycholigists' Reports:

(Shortly after arrival on the Freedom) "Seems confused and disoriented, which go along with his claim of amnesia. Little sign of paranoia or hostility though, and shows signs of being a team player."

(As Lieutenant) "Workaholic. Works after-hours on task even after his shift has ended. Little social life outside his work. He seems to feel the ship would collapse without his efforts. "

(As Captian) "Although subject has made some attempts to relax some, they are few and far between. The long hours have been catching up to him as he is more and more often missing details when he goes through problems, 'failing to see the forrest for the trees.' Could be headed for burnout. On the plus side, remains friendly and approachable."

Results of Personality Disorder Test

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