Ben Dover's Bio

Name: Benjamin "Ben" Dover

Rank: Redshirt Zilch-Class (formerly Ensign)

Age: 28

Sex: Male (the running joke is "none")

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 140 lbs.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Race: Human

Position: Varries (always being moved around due to mishaps)

Favorite Quote: "Why me?"

Even in a ship of hard-luck cases, Benjamin "Ben" Dover stands out. If a loose pannel falls, it hits him. If a nail sticks out, he'll step on it. If someone leaves a block in a walkway, he'll trip over it. If the Counselor's in a foul mood, he's the one she happens to come across first.

Background : Benjamin Dover was born in the "Alternate Earth" that Melvin Orlan also came from. Originally named Benjamin Grimm, after his mother remarried following a divorce, her new husband, a struggling doctor named Dr. Victor "Dr. VD" Dover had the youth's surname changed to match his. Young Dover, more familiar with comic book monsters than PG-13 jokes, welcomed the change at first, and didn't understand the snickers he ran into until well in high school. Frequently the target of bullies and almost constant jokes about his name, he developed a pessimistic outlook on life, expecting the worst from everyone and everything around him, and that nothing could be done about it.

Following an undistinguished education at high school and community college, Benjamin Dover drifted from job to job, finding himself stuck in entry-level positions. It's unclear why he was in Las Vegas as he's never been known to gamble, but by chance (or perhaps cursed luck), he was among those who attended Star Trek - The Experience and were beamed abaord the USS Freedom while it was searching for its crewmen.

Pulled out of his home, Benjamin Dover's reaction was shock followed by hope. Maybe here he could make something of himself. Unfortunetly, he found out people reacted to his name just the same as back home. Worse, as everyone was recorded and catalouged from birth, his lack of records made getting a job, a home, and even financial aid nearly impossible, especially as clerks were often too busy laughing at his name to search much. Unlike Melvin Orlan who also came from his universe, the records of his counterpart here were little help. He had been lured to an apartment by a few years after the time of the Las Vegas incident, woke up in a tub of ice with his kidneys removed, and died a few months later when the dyalisis machine malfunctioned and the medical workers were too busy laughing over his name to fix it.

Applying for financial aid in the Federation means the social workers put your name up for employers looking for workers. Unfortunetly for "Ben" Dover, the only one interested in him was the "Blue Oyster" nightclub, it's clients noted for their "alternate lifestyle" people of Benjamin Dover's time often found highly perverse and frightening. Even worse, they were talking of shipping him to their movie division. It was at this time Admiral Ironbottom approached him, and offered him a job, saying his lack of records made him perfect for undercover work, "and there are some traitors we need to expose." Desperate, wanting to do good, and perhaps desiring to get a kind of revenge on those responsible for his current plight, Dover agreed. And so he became Ironbottom's agent on the "Freedom," his records hacked to give him the rank of Ensign.

On the ship, Dover realized the personel were not the "tratiors" Ironbottom had made them out to be. On the other hand, he was often treated just the same by them as by everyone else, and occasionally worse as evidenced by several encounters with Counselor K'Lynxyl. When he slipped what he thought was a simple monitoring device into the food of Demian Tempress when under medical observation, Demian broke out of his cell, injected Lieutenant Dammers and Captain M'Rander with powerful psychyatric drugs, and the three slipped away, their disappearance undiscovered until it was too late to find them. Ironbottom threatened him with imprisonment, or worse slipping K'Lynxyl clues as to who caused her fiance to vanish, if he didn't go on, so he continued.

When Admiral Ironbottom showed up to arrest the Freedom's officers. Seeing the Bridge crew in handcuffs, Dover confessed to them what he had been doing. Ironbottom's assimulation by the "BoReD" saved him from the Admiral, but unfortunetly did not save him from K'Lynxyl's wrath when the two inadvertently took the same escape pod when the ship self-destructed. Fortunetly those on the shuttlecraft were able to beam him out and bandage him, though had to listen to his moans and groans as they drifted through space.

Following the Battle of New Cait, Benjamin Dover was court-martialed. Charges related to M'Rander & Dammers' disapperances were dismissed after he pled guilty to those of impersonating an officer. He was stripped of the fraudulent commision provided by Ironbottom, demoted to Redshirt Zilch-Class (a rank obtained only as punishment), and ordered back to the USS Freedom, his only other career option the "Blue Oyster" movie affiliate job he fled.

Physician's Notes: Physicians' Notes: Subject has recovered, physicaly, from his injuries from the events around the USS Freedom - E. However, he has a tendency to remain listless at times due to bouts of depression, broken only by anxiety attacks that often result in numerous smaller injuries. Reccomend extensive counseling.

Counselor's Notes: Dover has a variety of personality disorders. He suffers from a severe lack of self-esteem, an irrational need to please others and terrible lack of assertiveness. Recommend intensive martial arts training in Klingon K-rak-ARRG style, foundational skills training (return to grade two) to fill the holes in his centuries old education, and a sexual partner. Recommend assignment to Science Division, Historical Records to put his existing skills to use and in hopes he'll get lucky with the Science Chief.

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