Admiral S'Cowl

Name: S'Cowl

Rank: Admiral

Age: 201

Sex: Male (and once every seven years)

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 220 lbs.

Hair: Black/Gray

Eyes: Gray

Race: Vulcan

Admiral S'cowl is the commander of the sector the USS Freedom patrols, replacing Admiral Ironbottom, and therefore the Captain's boss.

Background: S'Cowl was born on the Vulcan homeworld of T'Kashi, the son of S'Hemp, who captained (barely manged) a science vessel. Like so many Vulcans, his work was unappreciated (too anal and overly complicated) by most of those illogical humans (if one deffines 'illogic' as having a life). Even his own human crewmen mocked him by watching "Three Stooges" holos after duty (it was the most theraputic way to keep from going nuts), more evidence of the illogic (creativity and sense of humor) of humans and how they are always in need of guidance (entertainment) by the more logical (stuck-up) race.

S'Cowl entered Starfleet confident his Vulcan heritage (stuck up attitude) would allow him to rise in the ranks ahead of the illogical (creative) humans he had to deal with (was too boring to socialize with) at the Academy. Instead, he found himself passed over for promotions as non-Vulcan superiors were unable to recognize his talents (considered him too anal-retentive and unimaginative). It was only when under the command of Vulcan officers he went up in the ranks (they felt sorry for him), although they tended to be a little slow due to procedure (even they felt he was a bit unimaginative and anal-retentive). Still, he accepted his situation, "with a life expectancy of over two hundred years, one must learn to take his time." (same thing with a lack of inteligence)

S'Cowl eventualy reached command rank (after spending the amount of time that would have aged a human long into old age and senility). As Captain, he commanded the S'Hohvanyst (appropriate name), a science ship with a mostly Vulcan crew (he pulled strings to get the job). Rising further in the ranks, he recieved some critcism due to non-Vulcans taking twice as long to get promotions, particuarly humans whom often found themselves stuck in mediocre positions for years. But his decisions were upheld as no Vulcan officer of Starfleet could be capable of any kind of irrational decision, let alone irrational predjudice (yeah, RIGHT!). As Admiral, almost no humans under his command recieved a captaincy. Ships with few or no Vulcans found themselves with less important responsibilities. With the popularity of "reality holoTV" shows among non-Vulcans in the sectors in question at this time (it didn't help matters that S'Cowl disallowed shipments of entertainment holodeck programs, calling them a firvilous use of valuable equipment, and unless you had a non-Vulcan who knew how to get around it, you were out of luck), few questioned this coincidence, including some affected by the slow promotions themselves (their posts seemed more menial than even these 'lowest common denominator' shows).

S'Cowl had paid little attention to Ironbottom's antics at first, considering what he heard just another example of "human illogic" (he was too busy making his own redshirts miserable). But following the rampage after Ironbottom's assimulation/takeover of the "BoReD Borg" culminating in the Battle of New Cait, S'Cowl assumed temporary command of the sector. When the fanatical agenda of Ironbottom's secret "Section 42" against nonhumans came to light, S'Cowl took over permanently to repair the damage (replace a secret anti-nonhuman agenda with a subtle anti-nonVulcan one). Since then, Starfleet in the sector of Starbase 13 has recovered (continued to suffer) under his direction (torture).

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Last Updated: August 8, 2005