Noted Former Crewmen

Lt. Melvin Orlan - Human - Helm

Although Melvin Orlan was initially thrilled to be made part of Starfleet, his expectations were eroded away by his "life of not-so quiet despiration" on the USS Freedom. His biggest disappointment, the crew having to go through legal and physical trials after saving New Cait from the renegade Admiral Ironbottom, only to once again be stuck in the same position he was before. "The Admirality doesn't care beans about us!" he would tell his shipmates, "I say we go pirate on them!" Finally, he up and went AWOL, sneaking off the ship on a shuttlecraft. A note left behind was full of venting about how Starfleet and the Universe had treated him. "At least when I was home busting my butt at Kinkos for minimum wage, I could at least dream about a better place and time. Here, I can dream only about my next session in the holodeck, and lately that stupid Admiral won't let it play anything. I'm going home!"

Part of the reason Orlan's escape was initially undetected, the ship had just been selected to be a pirate ship in upcoming wargames. And opportune loopholes would allow them to act the part to the hilt, just as Orlan himself wanted. And Orlan had slipped out just before the news was announced to his crewmates. Perhaps this universe was against him after all. His current location is unknown.

Lt. Cmdr. Cosmos to-Ennien - "Model Three Kitsune" (geneticly-engineered foxlike being/former Sivoan) - Chief Medical Officer

Cosmo was something of a hard luck case, suffering from a dehabilitating condition brought about by his own son. In an odd twist of fate, he was cured of it following exposure to Junk water, but his celebration was muted as his love interest M'Rander had vanished. Frustrated at the lack of progress the authorities were having in locating her, he left the Freedom to personally search for her.

Lt. Cmdr. Lera t'Resan - Romulan - Science Officer

Following the "Ironbottom" incident, old charges of asaulting a crewman brought up and dropped again, and retraining on "Planet Survivor," Lera t'Resan became less active with some wondering if she was showing signs of depression. Some wondered if she somehow sensed the object of her desires, Captain Payne, had become incabable of fulfiling them following injuries while fighting Ironbottom. Others wondered if Lynx and Tarra having children agrivated her xenophobic and voriphobic tenencies with concerns about her own. What is clear is without warning, in the middle of the misson on New Vinland, she boarded a warp-capable shuttle with her children and left. Demoted to Lt. Commander, she remains AWOL and her and her childrens' location unknown.

Lt. Milton T. Dammers - Human - Chief Tactical Officer

Vanished mysteriously around the same time as Demian Tempres and Captain M'Rander. There is evidence he and M'Rander were drugged by Tempres in one of his fits of madness. Eventually, one of the three missing shuttlecraft was found intact and abandoned on a Federation world with DNA evidence he was the one piloting. Dammers was supposedly captured afterwards, but escpaed the minimum security sanitarium he was held before his identity was confirned. Tests done suggested a chemical combination in his bloodstream was causing madness (rated "bat-guano insaine" by the sanitarium) and would last anywhere from two days to two decades. Since then, a number of random acts of bizzare vandalism on various worlds across the Federation have been linked to him through eyewitness reports and other evidence (no animals were hurt in these vandalisms). His current whereabouts are unknown.

Ensign Kura Scyarin - "Tigertaur" (former Founder) - Intelligence Officer/Asst. Communications

Following his disruption of the trial of K'Lynxyl Nebendi and Lera t'Resan for assault, Kura was arrested and held for contempt of court. He went AWOL following his release and was never found. Some rumors say he went back to the Dominion. Others say he went to work as a model for the artist that drew the model for his form.

Lt. Cmdr. Demian Tempres - humanoid - Chief Engineer

Demian Tempres stood out as the one senior officer who was "truly insaine." Following the mission to the "Alternate Earth circia 2000," he became much less active. There were few complaints as the crew prefered his laziness to his mental episodes, particuarly his "AAAAHHHHH!!!!! HAMSTERS! " rodentphobia attacks. Eventually, his position was given to Lott Taldasi, and he was put under medical observation. Sometime durring a period of lengthy computer malfunctions, he managed to escape his room and leave the ship undetected. Milton T. Dammers and Captain M'Rander also disappeared at this time. Tempres is suspected as having something to do with it. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Ensign T'kee Ashwia - Skorr - Communications

T'Kee disappeared around the time a supply ship docked with the Freedom, to take some away. By an amazing coincidence, it was commanded by the former Captain of her previous ship assignment, who had been reassigned to the supply vessel as part of a disclipinary action supposedly related to the loss of a pet cat. Although some expressed curiosity about the featherdown pillows and all the poultry meals despite a faulty replicator, there was no investigation.

Ensign Seth M. Brundle - Human* - Counselor & Assistant Medical Officer

Despite given a second chance after pulling off a "one-man-mutiny" of which most charges were dropped, Brundle continued to get into trouble. He was eventually charged with insubordnation and relieved from duty (kicked out) from the Freedom. Ruled mentaly unstable at military court hearings, possibly long-term effects of his transporter accident, he was shippied to the Sick Puppy ward of the Ceti V Psychiatric Care Hospital.

Dr. Hyde has taken an interest in his case, "Just how long has he had this delusion he was ever human?"

Lt. R'Merr - Caitian - Helm

Somewhat less flamboyant in personality than most other bridge officers, R'Merr stood out when he first arrived being the only Caitian among a crew of humans and humanoids. As time went on, more felinoids joined the crew, and he no longer got the attention he once had. Combined with the everyday stress on the ship and crew, the result was depression, and he was eventually given Medical Leave for treatment.

R'Merr's problems had been spotted early on by K'Lynxyl in her Inspector's Report. Perhaps when he's cured, he will get the station she reccomended.

Lt. Flare Strife - Crysilian (humanoid) - Chief of Security

In his latter days, Flare Strife had been demonstrating strong psychic power. He died following mental contact with the Captian in an attempt to explain his powers.

Flare was flamboyant, occasionally wreckless. He is survived by his and Lera t'Resan's five children.

Lt. Azzura Brinks - Betazoid/El Aurian - Counselor

Azzura dissapeared shortly after she was reportedly implanted with a "symbyote." The events surrounding the incident are confusing, and she is listed as "missing."

Lt. Martin Zenth - Human - Chief Medical Officer

Zenth's body was found in his quarters, along with Zaboo's. The cause of death has never been determined as the body dissappeared on its way to the corenor on the Starbase. Supposedly, it was shipped to a medical college.

Zaabo - Uknown Humanoid - Unofficial Mascot

Zaboo's body was found in Martin Zenth's quarters, along with Martin Zenth. The cause of death has never been determined as the body dissappeared on it's way to a Federation Lab.

Zaboo was a "pet" of Q's left by him onto the Freedom. Where he came from, he didn't know.

Ensign Shorte Phiuse - Bajoran - Chief Tactical Officer

Phiuse went insane (officially) durring the "Charteause Freedom" incident, briefly taking over the bridge. He made the mistake of throwing a pin and keeping the grenade, but fortunetly it was knockout gas. After being secured in a straightjacket, muzzle, and stretcher "Hanibal Lecter" style, he was taken off the ship for psychiactric evaluation and treatment.

Phiuse was a borderline psychotic, more than once called "Kenny 2," and was seldom boring.

Enarrain Ael'vna t'Larva - Romulan - "Representative of the Rommie Nation"

After most of the "Old Guard" left after Treki disappeared, Ael seldom appeared on the scene, and one day simply walked off the ship, never to be seen again.

C. S. Caine - Vulcan/Romulan - Chief Engineer

Caine transfered off the Freedom after Treki was declared missing.

Captain Treki Riker - Klingon/Romulian/Betazed - Commanding Officer

After Compy (the psychotic computer consciousness) resurfaced and was defeated, Treki took the holocube he was stored in and departed by shuttle. She has not been seen since.

"Kenny" - Human - Security

"Kenny" was one of the Freedom's more colorful security guards when Treki was Captain. Kenny's behavior often bordered on psychotic & he prefered machine guns to phasers.

Kenny failed to return while on leave. His whereabouts are unknown.

"Compy" - A.I. - Ship's computer

This quirky master computer program essentially WAS the ship's computer of USS Freedom NCC-1979-D (Freedom #4). It served until finally going insaine and causing the destruction of the ship. It briefly resurfaced as a shapeshifting creature when the bridge crew found another ship, but was defeated. Part of the program resurfaced durring a baseball holo-sim, but was tricked into transfering into a "holodeck-in-a-holodeck" program and transfered to a hologram cube. Treki took it on a shuttlecraft to dispose of. Neither has been seen since.

Halfpipe - Human/Klingon - Chief Medical Officer

Halfpipe was accidently left behind after a stop at a starbase. Starfleet then transfered her to a military commisary on planet K'Mahryt.

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