Lera's Biography

aka the Shrine to Lera (done by the webmaster)

Name: Lera t'Resan

Age: Unlisted

Height: 4' 6"

Weight: 95 lbs.

Hair: Red

Eyes: Brown

Race: Romulan

Rank: Commander

Position: Executive Officer / Science Officer

Nickname(s): "The Cute One," "Morale Officer," "The Rommie Cheerleader," "Mascot," "Eve," "Emergency Food Supply," (several derrisive terms for 'loose woman' not fit for a family newspaper)

Measurements: 36D-22-36

Player Quote: "Isn't Lera cuuuuute?"

There's one in every bunch, the one who tries to be the most beautiful, or in this case the most cute.

On the Freedom, that someone is Lera t'Resan.

Lera is the second most senior member of the crew of the USS Freedom second only to Payne, and the only one of the "old guard" besides him to remain on the ship. Her seniority got her the position of Executive Officer, a title she holds along with Chief Science Officer which she got under Captain Treki.

Lera has a number of personality quirks. The most obvious is she is an avowed nudist. She goes as far as to call it part of her personal "culture," and those who insist she remain dressed at all times as "not respecting Lera's culture." Treki designed a system of holo-emmiters throughout the ship in order for a "Cloud of Censorship" to cover up certain "activities" by her (and others) outside her room, a system that Payne expanded to cover up her nudity most of the time in public. Lera would prefer to be naked all the time, though reluctantly agreed to keep her clothes on in public aside from the holodeck and more recently art class.

Lera also has something of a unique vocabulary (see below).

Almost as notable as her nudist quirk, Lera has a seemingly intractable crush on Captain Payne. Her number one goal is to seduce him and get pregnant. Unfortunately for her, she uses little subtlety and patience going about it, going right up to him and kissing him regardless of surroundings. She sees nothing odd in that he's the Captain and she's technically the second-in-command. Payne being more shy and reserved than hormonal, Lera's tactics tend to get him to quickly find an excuse to be elsewhere, much to her dismay, although there are hints there are other reasons "why doesn't he simply go ahead and $^%# her." Reasons or not, Lera's crush and pursuit has been the source of much amusement among the crew, in the form of gossip and jokes.

Lera's chasing Captain Payne hasn't stopped her from seeing other men. She had five kids from an encounter with another crewman on one occasion after Payne brushed her off. Following a crewman being punished for a suggestive website about the doctor, Lera had at least one encounter with him, but continued to pursue Payne.

Lera plans to marry Payne and have a few dozen kids with him.

Lera sees nothing wrong with her quirky behavior nor does she care what others say about it, saying she wants to be "Leralike." She has, however, butted heads with K'Lynxyl, notably when she was Inspector, "She's eeevil!" More recently, Tarra Nebendi, the 6' 7" Kzin Security Chief, scares her just being around.

Lera has on occasion demonstrated some unusual abilities and seems unfazed by things that would knock most people over, such as an electric shock that knocked Captain Payne off his feet. Admiral Ironbottom had this to say:

" Her behavior could be a ruse as well, but descriptions of her point to another possibility. The Freedom's former counselor was confirmed as genetically altered for multiple births, and had three, in a typically uncomfortable pregnancy. Lera had FIVE, was able to move around without much discomfort despite that load on her tiny body, and had an unusually easy birth and recovery. Her 36D breasts on such a small body would normally be a chiropractor's nightmare, yet she gleefully bounces around without any sign of discomfort. And an electric shock that sent the Captain down barely budged her. Her tolerances are clearly beyond those of normal humans or even normal Romulans. I can only conclude that like the former counselor, she too was gene-engineered. Perhaps she was originally intended as an eugenics experiment towards a high reproduction rate - the multiple (and easy) births, rapid recovery, and an eagerness to engage in the behavior that inevitably leads to more. But somehow along the line her genetics were further altered to enable her to be a 'Mata-Hari' type spy, her pattern of going after the Captain, and then other targets when he's unavailable, and of course her unnatural doll-like shape. "

Lera says this isn't true, though hasn't come up with another explanation.

Lera's general behavior has been described as "saccarin cute," but occasionally she reveals a hidden, darker side of her personality underneath this exterior. When Lynx pulled a practical joke on her one shoreleave by putting her in a straightjacket, she threatened unless let go, "... I will spend every moment trying to kill your cubs, slowly. I may even eat them." When released she viciously attacked Lynx with a blunt metal object when her back was turned. That Lynx was pregnant and nearly lost her kids later on from the concussion didn't seem to faze her, "She tried to eat me!" She never expressed regret, nor seemed to understand why most of the crew gave her the cold shoulder for a while. A hearing cleared her of charges due to evidence the psychosis was brought about by hormonal disruptions due to a virus. Lera however denied having a virus, and some wonder if it really was a virus behind her behavior.

Things Lera likes: being naked, Lera artwork, Captain Payne, Lera artwork, giving snuggle-hugs (or "Lerafying"), Lera artwork, cute little animals, Lera artwork, sex and having babies, Lera artwork.

Things Lera doesn't like: people being "meeeaaan to meee," poodles and rabbits "poodles and bunnies eat Leras," monsters trying to eat her, the "Cloud of Censorship."

For examples of Lera artwork, check the Freedom Art Gallery.

"The Dictionary of Lera" (done by the player)

Lera's personality test "I'm not as loony as (character currently scaring her)"

Lera's Theme Song (yes, this is her idea)

The Meeeeeean to Meeeeee Lera song (parody contributed by webmaster)

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