S'Varr's Biography

Name: S'Varr

Race: Caitian

Rank: Civilian

Department: Vagrant Self-described "Tourist"

Background: S'Varr was born and raised on Cait. When he was young his parents took him and his littermates to Earth for a vacation. Amazed by the strange aliens and fantastic sights, S'Varr realized that if Earth could be so vastly different from his homeworld, then the UFP must hold hundreds of strange new worlds, each with an equally impressive assortment of attractions. When he was older he went on a trip to Alpha Centauri. This began his long "career" of touring the UFP. It wasn't long before the hottest vacation spots were taken care of, like Risa or Balosnee IV. It was on Risa that a human told him that if he wanted to be a tourist, he needed to dress like one. He took the human's advice and replicated an entire wardrobe of Hawaiian-print shirts. Then S'Varr started checking out the smaller, less well known, more out of the way places. While not always very accommodating or friendly, every planet, so far, has been a unique experience to say the least.

Interests: Touring planets, taking holos of sites on visited planets, painting scenes on visited planets.

Notes: S'Varr is dextrous with excellent balance and sight, but handles zero-G poorly. He knows several languages besides Caitian and Terran and has a fair knowledge of Federation law. He is curious, a good fast-talker and marketplace haggler, but not very courageous. He typically carries a camera with him when visiting somewhere.

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Last Updated: April 30, 2003