Lott's Biography

GM note: Character has been transformed twice, once as a result of the Junkesko Curse from normal Tiburon to a felinoid, the second time from a mad scientist's experiment to a snakelike "naga" form (with the sex-changing trait of the Tiburons) with a normal Tiburon top half and the bottom half resembling a snake

Name: Lott Tadtasi

Nickname: "Transformer"

Species: Tiburon* (see GM note above)

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Hair: Bald

Eyes: Teal

Gender: Can change (see below)

*Lott is very fond of the color Teal, will paint nails same color no matter what gender. In this case, prefers to be vegitarian, but will eat meats if nothing else is there.

Background: Born on Simeran and lived their more most childhood. Went to The Simeran Sciences Academy and later applied at Starfleet Academy. Wants to go into more technicaly fields of Starfleet. Lott's goal is to be a master engineer, so (s)he has books on it. Plans to someday design and build a new type of ship.


"Tiburons are a humanoid race believed to be the descendants of a lost Terran expidition that departed Terra shortly after the end of the Eugenics Wars. Though human in apperance, Tiburons show evidence of genetic mutation, which may be due to long-term exposure to radiation levels.

Tiburons can alter their physical apperance in a limited manner, effectively changing their gender at will. In this, they are similar to the Antosians (who can alter their molecular shape and density), though the Antosians ability seems to be acquired rather than genetic. Not surprisingly, Tiburon society makes no gender-oriented distinctions, either socially or politically. They are vegitarian by nature, and maintain a deep respect for all living organisms.

Tiburons are noted for their administrative and orginizational abilities, and are often employed by Federation governmental agencies."

Tiburon lies near the border with the Gorn Alliance. It has a population of 700,000. The planet itself is about the same size as Earth, but slightly cooler and has two moons.

From p. 17, 70 "The Federation" by FASA

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