SD 02/25/06 - "A Lott of Trouble" - As expected, S'Cowl thought little of us beating the "killer teddies." His response was essentialy "In spite of your failure to take any degree of action concerning the unauthorized cargo before the forementioned incident, it has been decided not to increase the severity of the repremand for your failure to complete your mission as scheduled."

Translation: "It was your own darn fault that you didn't see those harmless-looking teddy bears as a trap. But we're going to be nice guys and not hose you any more than we already were for not being good little peons and delivering those kiddie dolls on time."

It never ends .....

In any event, we're finally free of all those containers of "My Little Pony" toys, and all that free space we took for granted until they came is very much welcome. We've been taking advantage by making repairs, notably to communications. The transporter is now upgraded to "emergencies only" from "fate worse than death emergencies only." It was used by us only once when a female redshirt who got stuck in the turbolift with Lt. Droolin begged the operator to get her out. She ended up with Vulcan-like ears, her skin pink with yellow polka dots, her memory of her high school Philosphy class mysteriously gone, and a newfound ability to converse in Bajorin.

Lera and Lynx & Tarra have been taking a little extra time with their kids lately after their brush with the killer teddies. Im my place when I'm asleep, more and more often it's one of the Lieutenant Commanders who has the Bridge, notably Lott and Half. The doctor it seems is always needed to patch up someone.

Of, Lott's most recent shift, there were typical incidents. Droolin had gotten a battering. Lott found a lost ferret, which she offered soda spiked with synthehol (getting it drunk). Ben Dover was described as getting a ceiling light coming down on his head, but for some reason had bruises all over his side and a sprained arm, as well as having ferret fur on the fabric of his uniform, and for some reason two lumps on his head instead of the one that usually accompanies a single light falling on a person.

What was not typical was us recieving a guest, a Federation ambassador by the name of Stuffis. His documentation was valid, so Lott let him aboard. So far, he seems a bit snooty, demanding the best quarters, and demanding the room be set in advance for temperatures and humidity. I wonder if my crewmates are going to try and humble him a little? His reason for coming - he says he needs us to take him to a planet New Vinland as soon as we can, and so used his diplomatic rank to acquire our ship for the trip.

New Vinland ... I've heard a little about the place in recent weeks, but have been busy concentrating on keeping this ship in one peice. Oh well, considering our most recent adventure, whatever we face here will be a breeze.

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