SD 02/11/06 - "Bearly Made It" - The "killer teddys" have been stopped. The ship is safe.

And so is New Bethlehem, where they were headed.

Lynx had been with me and a few crewman on a spot near the Bridge, when I heard something collapse. Looking over, instead of Lynx I found a collapsed grate on the floor, and sounds of something tumbling. A crewman though he saw something about to crawl out, possibly one of those blasted bears, then Lynx leaped on it and both fell.

When she stopped moving, readings from her comm badge showed her with Tarra, Lott, Lera, Vak-Surik, and Cosmo. Melvin had also joined them. Vak-Surik got knocked out when Lynx landed on her. The bear landed on Lera and bit deep in her deriere. Cosmo stayed behind to take care of Vak-Surik. Lera went to the clinic on her own. The others went on. After making sure Lynx was okay, I informed her of strange readings coming from Engineering, as if there was another computer there.

They headed there, dispatching of a few more of those killer toys, then entered Engineering. The method they chose, charging and breaking down the doors, that's going to take Lott a little time to fix. It turned out there was another computer there, set up to look like a console. Judging from reports, Lott tried puching the keys (but why would she use a wrench?), then it shocked her and threw up a force field, verbally taunting them.

Then Lynx came forward with a fire hose and sprayed the computer. Unfortunetly for it, the forcefield did not cover it's top. Water got in, and the computer firtzed, "Take that you hoser!" "Pretty sure it's the hosee, K."

With the computer disabled, the robot teddy bears went limp and collapsed. The team suffered no injuries from the shower of sparks, though they gave Tarra a "bad fur day" by giving her a poofy look. Vak-Surik got a slight bump on the head, but no signs of trouble. Lera had her bite on the behind treated by the EMH, but it changed into a simulation of a late 20th Century Earth leader, American President William Clinton I believe, and began fondling her. Lott did made a device that she thought would disable the frequency disabling the killer teddies, but we never got a chance to test it out. It may come in handy another day.

With Lynx's team celebrating their victory, apparently by Lott coiling around Orlan & flirting with him and Lynx & Tarra rubbing it in, I took on the task of organizing a clean-up and damage report. Damage caused by the killer teddies was widespread, but easily repairable over time. We would have had more if it wasn't for the numerous storage containers of "My Little Pony" dolls, the majority of which were damaged. No vital systems were damaged. The most affected system was the computer as the rouge one was trying to hack into it. There were numerous injuries from burns, shrapnel, bullets, etc., but thankfully no fatalities.

Investigations show that the rouge computer console started out as a much smaller unit that must've been sneaked aboard durring the loading. Semi-mobile, it moved to an area seldom checked by crew and using robots built itself up. The teddies were initially constructed so they would show up as ordinary in our scaners, but had hidden programing and redundant systems that were changed by just a few adjustments and nannobots changing some minor parts enough to turn toy limbs into potent weapons. Clever.

It tried to make disruptions on our systems minimal, but it didn't count on their touchy state due to all the jury-rigging and use of second-hand replicated parts. According to the programing code, the toys were supposed to have sprung to life after they were given away to the children and taken over the planet. But since our ship kept breaking down, this was not achieved. They activated not on the planet but here, and although they gave our crew trouble, were delt with.

It is still unknown who sent them, any why. Whoever it is will probably strike again.

I don't know what S'Cowl thought of the report I sent him. In any event, he ordered our ship to come to a stop, and a real cargo ship is coming to get rid of the dolls. Given how he's acted so far, he'll probably relay some petty comments through an underling. But at least this is over, a "successful failure" as mishaps like this used to be called.

On another note, it seems the teasing Lott gave Melvin has not gone unnoticed, especialy with Valentine's Day around the corner. Rumor has it someone's been drawing graffiti on the wall calling Lt. Orlan a "snake charmer." Poor Melvin.

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