SD 02/04/06 - "Grin and Bear It" - Not much change in our status to report. I've heard reports of some injuries, but no fatalities. A few positions have been regained, but others lost. The Bridge is still in the hands of these killer teddy bears.

Computer reports state that Vak-Surik and Dr. Ennin have met up with Tarra and Lott. Lera's status is sketchy as the computer sometimes has trouble keeping track of her, but she was last reported just behind Tarra and Lott. There must have been a fire there as the flame-retardant foam went off. Under different circumstances, the sight of them getting a bubble bath might have been amusing. Recent ship designs had relied on air removal to deal with fires, but too many crewmen getting trapped and ending up nearly suffocating has led to a return to what some wryly call "foaming at the mouth."

Lynx seems particuarly troubled. She was discussing with some crewman how to blow up the ship if the self-destruct failed. Why else would she ask if the torpedoes could be "fired inward?"

Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

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