SD 01/28/06 - "An Attack Too Much to Bear" - Just when you think you've seen it all ...

How in the heck am I going to explain this one to Starfleet?

Lynx and I were having a discussion in my office when the teddy bear from the shipment that I had shown to her earlier suddenly animated. It's eyes began glowing red, then it got up and began walking around. This came as a surprise as other than talking, they weren't supposed to do anything.

Then it walked to us and it's hand flipped back and revelaed the end of a metalic tube, which was even stranger.

Then it spoke in a high-pitched, childish sounding voice, "Destwoy!"

And a jet of flame began shooting out at us!.

Before I could so much as blink, Lynx grabbed me from behind (with her jaws on the back of my neck of all places), and ran out of the place in a split-second. We were a little singed, but otherwise okay. I'm not so sure if I can say the same about my desk and the paperwork that was on it.

The first thing we thought of were the ones we gave to the kids! Horror of horrors if such things were unleashed on them! Lynx called Tarra right away about the problem. I commed the redshirts I had send the teddys to Lera's kids, and it turned out they never made it, but were instead trapped in a room because of them.

Accessing the computer, these rascals are all over the ship, animating and attacking the crew. A number took over the Bridge and changed our course back to New Bethlehem.

We have yet to know how they managed to get their weapons past the sensors or why they want to go to this small colony.

I still can't get over the absurdity of it all. Killer teddy bears. Who would have thought?

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