SD 01/07/06 - "Scare Bears" - Blast that blasted S'Cowl!

Frist when we had ample time to repair our ship, he gives us too few supplies to do the job well. Then he orders us on a mission, a bovine-manure one of a mission at that, and gives us too little time to make repairs when we finally get the supplies we need. And on the way, our engines kept shutting down. We never did make our delivery by Christmas.

It was bad enough for S'Cowl to condem us as failing, but to have some underling of his to deliver us the news and give us out new orders ... it's like he doesn't consider us worthy enough to lick the gum off his shoes. This isn't the simple smugness Vulcans are sometimes sterotyped as having. This goes beyond - way, way beyond.

Well, we've been ordered to turn around and head back to the Starbase. An ignoble end to our first mission. After all that frustration and pain, nothing to show for it but S'cowl's contempt. Lott seems pretty cheery despite all that work on the engines. Lynx, somehow she manages the situation and her kids.

Guess this order of "My Little Pony" dolls is going back. There is one odd thing about the shipment. I couldn't find the official documentation for the few hundred teddy bears that were in it. There's no hint of where they came from or who made them. Perhaps somehow they were slipped in by accident. Considering we have some kids on board who could use a teddy bear, maybe a few missing wouldn't be noticed.

Uh oh. Lynx showed up and is acting a little too friendly, especially in front of others. Looks like I'm going to have to take this conversation to the office. I just hope the others don't assume Lynx isn't taking her counseling onto a whole new level.

NARRATIVE: Inside Payne's office, one of the teddy bears suddenly starts walking around on it's own, then suddenly reveals a hidden deadly surprise as it tries to "destwoy" him and Lynx.

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