SD 12/03/05 - "Toy Story" - Well, we're off.

I still can't believe Lynx placed an order for all those "My Little Pony" dolls! Something about wanting to sell some originals to the Ferrengi. Unfortunetly, none of these are. Lynx feels they could always be good as base matter for the replicators, but I doubt they could use up this much anytime soon. All the corridors, storerooms, and even some quarters are filled with cargo containers of toy horses! That Admiral took her order and expanded it into a delivery mission.

What was S'Cowl thinking?! He gave some lamebrain excuse of there not being enough available freighters. But as a science vessel, we're not exactly built for this sort of work. We' did get some extra supplies to help with repairs, but although we can fly off now they're hardly finished. Communications have less then 50% power, the replicators still frequently malfunction, that is if they work at all, sections of the hull still have temporary patches ...

And I have to deal with all this paperwork to confirm it all.

At least Lynx has been trying to be helpful. The tea she gives me on occasion really does soothe those headaches, at least for a little while. But she does tend to get a little, over the top at times with her flattery. Maybe she's trying too hard to be friendly, or just relieved she has help taking care of all those kids. I should ask Cosmo sometime about her, but for now he's resting from some therapy he recieved on the starbase.

Lynx, did do one thing that while not exactly professional was in my view an appropriate response to S'Cowl and giving us such an obviously mismatched assignment. She had managed to get a few tribbles (in stasis), and offered to sneak them onto the starbase via some lunchboxes she saw some of their personel using. After all the frustration that S'Cowl heaped on me, I could only grin in anticipation of the Admiral being befuddled by hordes of the little rascals, and gave her my blessings.

It wasn't long before we were due to leave. So we disengaged from the starbase, but the ship wouldn't move away. Comming Engineering, I overheard the men actually trying to "hotwire" the impulse engines. Just how much more work on the ship was demonstrated when as soon as they started the ship immediately went straight to warp speed and zoomed off, leaving those of us not sitting down flat on the decks and nursing our bruised fannies.

We really, really have a lot more work to do on our way to New Bethlehem to deliver all these toys. Not just these tens of thousands of horsie dolls, but a few hundred three and a half foot high talking teddy bears. I guess they were added in as an afterthought.

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