SD 03/18/06 - "A Tale of Two Vikings" - Well, it seems we've met the leader of this particular town, and the "loyal opposition," to use the term loosely.

"Eric the Green" was friendly and reasonable at least. His gentle manner and clean apperance went along with his strong physique. He greeted us in a friendly manner, although seemnigly surprised by the apperances of the nonhumans among us never spoke a word of ill to them, and the most he did to the most unusual of questions from my crewmen was raise an eyebrow. With him as leader, it's understandable why Stuffis thinks the job is so easy. One comment that got my attention, his refering to Tarra as a "Shield Maiden," hinting that they also had women fighters. This was something of a surprise.

Then another Viking stepped our way, apparently one that Eric knows well. He was almost as talk as he, but not as neat, notably his scraggly black beard, and certainly not nearly as well-mannered. Askhard was his name. He swore Eric's decision to welcome contact with the Federation would be his downfall, denouncing us as "girly-men" and "demon women." He ranted at us for about a minute, then stormed off.

Eric insisted he and others like him were few around here, saying although there was conflict when people from the outside first came in, it was quickly settled. Eric told us they offered the use of their holodeck, "It quickly became popular among our unmarried warriors. I not know why ... "

Lott's first response was to wonder if the holodeck here was giving them "bad messages," grabbed a tool kit, and went to check it out once Eric told where it was, adding someone named Jones was operating it, who had a friend named Abdul. Looking along the streets, we saw others with green hair, though not a single blonde. We also saw a couple workers digging into the ground, and taking out a corroded copper pipe. As copper turns green, I think this explains the green hair. Another thing we saw was some men with two or three women walking with them.

I have a sneaking suspicion about just what it is those unmarried Vikings have been playing in the holodeck.

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