SD 04/01/06 - "Getting Hammered" - We're at the longhouse now, and Lott is looking over the holodeck here. Her method of getting to it was a little, unusual.

On the way over here, we continued to get a look at the locals. We noticed some things we hadn't though of for with Vikings such as keys around the belts of women, half the women anyway. There was an obvious distinction between the locals. Half were dressed neater and smelled better, and the men's helmets lacked horns and the women seemed more confident and had the keys on the belts. Some were friendly and treated us with courtesy. Then there was the rougher half. Their dress was not as neat, the women seemed more submissive, the men's helmets had the horns, and not one looked at us with a smile. All frowned at us if they gave any reaction at all.

We noticed two arguing, revealing that the two sides used different calendars as well. One kept saying Yule had just ended and it was now the new year. The other scoffed, "Your calendar sets you back a day a year. It's April, Fool!"

Wonder if a certain tradition on Earth will spring here as well?

Interrupting them, the neater Viking greeted us cordially, while the other just made snide remarks and left. He made a couple remarks about some "Brotherhood," which I have a feeling I'll learn more about. The more polite one directed us to the longhall we were headed to when asked, "you shouldn't have trouble finding it."

We didn't. When we got there, we found a line of the hornless but neater Vikings, all male, with the end sticking outside the doorway. Lott told the group the place was closed temporarily for the inspection of "bad magic." That got them grumbling, but at least it got the majority away from it. The rest lingered until Lott began flirting with them. That got them out in a jiffy, except ft the one still using it.

Unorthodox, but effective. Lott then began going over the list of programs, though those familiar with human nature would probably guess what those that have seen frequent use lately are.

With that taken care of, I'm now looking for the operator of the holodeck and his friend. I'm sure they can tell us a few usefull things about the locals.

If there's trouble, I'm sure Lynx and Tarra can handle it.

NARRATIVE: While Payne is gone, the holodeck program runs out of time and the Viking using it stumbles out, his face full of lipstick prints, grinning silly like Droolin, and staggers to the door, not paying much attention to his surroundings. Just as the crew is taking this in, a drunken Vinlander of the uncooperative faction weilding a warhammer storms in, mutters, "I kill you, then get ticket to Vahalla and seventy-two Valkaries!", then charges.

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