SD 04/22/06 - "Thor Gets Hammered" - At least Ambassador Stuffis wasn't upset at me for sending the Freedom after Lera. But his reasons didn't exactly leave me feeling better, him saying he had no need for our unreliable replicators and even less reliable transporters as civilian ones were available here. The issue of security, in the form of the Freedom's big guns and security teams, was a non-issue to him, "nothing is going to happen."

Ambassador Stuffis feels negotiations are going extremely well. So well, he had no worries when we overheard several members of my party going to a nearby bar. Even when I reminded him of the sour looks some of the locals game us and telling him the warning I got about this "Brotherhood of Odin," he thought those were just "ethnocentric ramblings."

Getting Ramon Abdul's attention, he had heard about his background as a comedian from New Pakistan, and asked for a selection of comedy material. The reason: the civilian Federation staff are about done with a sizeable display screen. Stuffis feels showing some amusing material will calm down the more hostile locals. So do I and others, if we know what to look for, but he seems to want to take charge of what to show.

Why does this bode ill?

On another note, Abdul and Jones mentioned a Starfleet officer that just showed up. Abdul told me Cosmo was giving him an examination when he left the room. We've had surprise additions before, but this one seemed quite odd. He overheard the comm badge was solid material, his teeth were described as like out of a backwater system, and he was obviously overweight. Very strange, especially for someone already in Starfleet for some time.

I've just gotten word from a local that a brawl has broken out at the bar my crewmen went to. He says there should be nothing to worry about as fights happent here all the time, but I have a bad feeling ...

NARRATIVE: Thor starts the fight over the sour looks the rougher Vikings give the women officers. A couple thrown beers is all it takes for things to get serious. Thor gets so enamoured by Lynx's displays of strength, he throws his arms open to her, "Take me now!" She does, though the bar counter and the "Cloud of Censorship" (with lightning flashes this time) blocking the view. When the brawl ends, they hear, "Who's ya thundah Gawd! Who's .... ya ... thundah Gawd?" ... "I'll be wearing these marks like badges of honor. I came ... I saw .... well ... and did it again. Ready for round two? I've got shackles and rope in me hut ... " ... "If I'm not back by morning. George ... ye can have me LCARS collection of Betazoid weddings gone wild!"

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