SD 05/20/06 - "Is That a Gerbil In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Glad to See Me?" - "Back at the Starbase again," as the song goes.

We now have a new First Officer. I reccomended Halfpipe for promotion, and it was accepted: Commander Sherry "Halfpipe" Holly. I assumed the Admiral did so for her previous work and experience on the ship, and that she's head of the science department. Comments from Admiral S'Cowl suggest otherwise, as he feels, "your Councilor has demonstrated an astonishing ammount of illogic and irrationality than goes even beyond the usual substandard performances of this menagarie you call a Federation crew."


Of Lera, Droolin never did find her after she took off in that shuttlecraft. I thought the thought of loosing the one lady who's shown any intrest in him would keep him focused, but I have a feeling the skirt-chaser was distracted by those on the Bridge. In any event, our ex-XO is gone. Gone, like so many crewmen and crewwomen who once served here. They either mysteriously vanish or go AWOL and are never found again.

Upon hearing about Lera's unauthorized joyride , the Admiral ordered us to the Starbase as there's no trouble on New Vinland. Or in his words, "due to your incompetence in tracking down your Execuive Officer as well as your lacadasical and frivolous manner of your medical personel in observing her mental health for signs of stress and breakdown, and the peaceful situation on the world of New Vinland, no doubt the result of his superior thinking and techniques that your remedial inteligences with such profound quantities of illogic could never understand."

This guy is starting to get on my nerves.

We had to take a passenger with us, this "Thor" that my officers ran into. To my understanding he got drunk with some of the crewwomen, and woke up in need of medical attention the local clinic the Federation civillians here couldn't provide. Considering Lynx, Tarra, Lott, and Halfpipe ... I could draw some conclusions considering what I heard of the nature of the injuries, but perhaps it's best I shouldn't. In the interests of humanity and diplomacy, we took him with us for advanced care at the Starbase. Cosmo declined to do it citing the delacate nature of the damage to his male reproductive organs, though I wonder if Cosmo himself may be a problem. He's been described as a bit depressed and listless lately. I hope he's not about to go crackers on us too.

Thor will not be the only paitent there. It seems he alerted the doctor there about the damage to my own gonads durring the fight with Ironbottom's goons that never properly healed. Now the guy absolutely insists on fixing it.

Oh well, I suppose with Lera gone, I don't have to worry about some girl trying to trap me.

So here I am in the office, wearing a gown that doesn't quite properly cover my backside. Good grief, we can go at warp speeds, but we can't design a proper hospital gown.

I wonder what's going on back at the ranch? Oh well I guess Half can take care of anything that comes up.

NARRATIVE Among Cmdr. Halfpipe's first acts in her first time in charge is to brain Droolin when he makes a pass at her. Curiously, a number of gerbils keep poping up on the bridge, which occasionally make a beeline for Droolin and bite him, sometimes painfully on the crotch.

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