SD 06/03/06 - "Special Delivery" - Well, the surgery is over. So is that of our guest Thor, but his being a little more estensive, he'll be resting a little longer. I'm okay, though there is the temporary symptom of frequent urination urges. As for the other function, I'll have to take the doc's word for it, as the ethics of having it"tested" are questionable.

Maybe I should have had Cosmo do the surgery, but I didn't think it was that important. He's also been feeling depressed for a while, not being to get over the disapperance of M'Rander. Still, it was a surprise when he handed in his resignation from Starfleet. He says he's going to search for her personally. Someone once remarked it does little good to amass a fortune if one looses his health in the process. He got his health back thanks to the Junk water, but along the way lost a friend. Him and his ability to think clearly in times of crisis and chaos will be missed.

We were supposed to be getting a couple more officers while here, including one I should have gotten the records for by now, but haven't. Guess it got lost in transit like so many things.

With me back in charge, and us stuck here until further notice, I decided to declare a brief shoreleave on the Starbase. A little time to relax before S'Cowl hits us with something. Going around and seeing what sights there are. After Ironbottom, people here were thrilled. Now, there seems to be something of a depressed air over the place. S'Cowl's edting of the base holodeck library means there's stark little available for entertainment, at least officially. I've heard rumors of some Ferrengi running an underground holosuite service. The doctor suggested I check into that to make sure the surgery was a success, but I declined.

I've heard other rumors as well, notably one of a man seen here that looked suspiciously like that Dr. Hojo that gave us trouble on "Planet Survivor." Unfortunetly, it looks like he left the station in a personal craft, so we don't know where he's headed. Whoever it was left behind a cargo of some kind, making some comment about a "special delivery." If it really was Hojo, that's a sure clue of trouble ahead.

Amazing what you hear in the restroom. I had to take a break here after walking with the Bridge officers, aside from Vak-Surak whom had gone off on her own for the moment, and a local who joined us. Conversation varied mostly about Melvin Orlan's misconceptions about our history, though Lynx had one of her own. Kissing between different human races "first acceptable in the 22nd Century and only if mind controled by super-beings?" Ridiculous. I think I remember the first interracial kiss in Earth broadcast media was on some science-fiction show in the 1960's. But somehow the name of it escapes me. What could it be?

Well, guess I'm done in the restroom. Guess I better check up on the oth ... Is that screaming I hear? What the heck is going o- YAAAAAHHHHH!!! Getthemoffme! Getthemoffme!! Ouch! Ouch! Ahh! Ah! Don't bite me there! Don't bite me th -


NARRATIVE: As the Bridge officers continue to chat, a redshirt pushes a hovercart with a container smelling of hamsters next to them, then gets a comm and leaves. Mesmirized by the rodents, Tarra stares at it, then opens it to try and grab one. Instead, they start streaming out, some attacking her, others heading to the other characters. Nearby, other crates burst open, and the hamsters go into a frenzy, charging then furiously biting anyone in sight. The characters themselves hear a recording of the evil Dr. Hojo laughing, telling them the hamsters were spliced with the DNA of the Phriana Rat, "you will be food for a thousand hungry mouths, Muhahahahaha!!"

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