SD 07/15/06 - "The Auror-ror-ror-ror-ror-ror-a Aurora" - Back in space.

Not so bad, considering the "hamster attack." Many of those who weren't there, especially those with New California backgrounds, expressed outrage at hearing we had turned some of the critters into red spots on the floor trying to deal with them, "YOU HAVE COMMITTED HAMSTERCIDE!!!" Well, excuuuuse us for not wanting to be slowly eaten alive one pea-sized peice at a time. Well, maybe not so slowly.

We had just enough time to lick our wounds and take a brief rest before getting our next mission. A science expedition over a stretch of space, with the main object being our next spot, the Auror-ror-ror-ror-ror-ror-a Aurora. As Lott put it, "Did someone name it after Scooby-Doo's sister?" Unfortunetly, the records do not show what this "Lt. Jason" was thinking of, only that his survey was remarkably lackluster, "it was bright," and this and similarly uninformative science reports soon had Starfleet transfering him to a garbage barge.

Among the crew looking it over, an Ensign Falken, in Operations. Rumor has it he was the one who shot himself in the pants trying to dislodge a jihad hamster. He seems something of an eager beaver, suposedly replicating his pips before the ceremony in which he was to have gotten them, but that's just rumor. Another rumor is that people don't like playing games with him as he supposedly cheats by hacking the computer and rewriting the rules in his favor.

Anyway, among our studies is beaming over some of the contents of the Auror-ror-ror-ror-ror-ror-a Aurora (say that three times fast), and new regulations require someone from Security to be present in the Science Lab when something is beamed over there. So it looks like Half and Tarra will be working together. With Half at 4' 10" and Tarra at 6' 7," it'll be our shortest and tallest officers working together, which adds a mildly interesting note to what should be a routine and boring mission.

What's this? Radiation alarms coming from the Science Lab? Slag! Looks like it won't be so boring after all, and hardly in a good way.

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