SD 07/22/06 - "The Incredible Shrinking Kzinrette (and Naga)" - Tara has never been one to "shrink" away from danger, nor Lott from an Engineering problem, at least until now.

Just when you think you've encountered all kinds of weirdness, something new crawls out from under the rocks.

Just got a report from the EMH. As soon as the CAT-scan showed Tarra a few inches shorter than her file, something was clearly up. One for Lott showed similar results, and a subsequent one for Tarra showed a further reduction of a fraction of an inch.

They're getting smaller, and not just in weight or ego.

Lott made some calculations. Unless a way is found to stop it, in several hours, they'll be too small to get on the examinaton table without help. Just a few feet tall. As Tarra put it, "Mrewww, I don't wanna be cub-sized again!"

No readings have been done yet on Half, as her turbolift got stuck. It would be an indignity if the already undertall Half got even smaller. Then again, it was a different wavelength she was exposed to. Perhaps nothing happened. Perhaps something entirely different.

So far, research into a treatment has only just begun, with little idea what to do. It's a sure bet things will get stranger as time goes on.

The "shrink incident" isn't the only thing going on. Thor has been sticking around as an unofficial represenative of New Vinland. Sort of like Ael in the days of Treki. He may have as good intentions, but his rough mannerisms and spotty knowledge of Federation life have made for a few incdents, some amusing, some scary, and some either one depending on one's point of view. Some malfunctions in his shower provided for one such incident. As he prefered water over sonic showers, we installed one in his bath. But somehow, the shower system malfunctioned, and he got a face full of black goo when looking into the spout. Turning on the sonic option, it malfunctioned as well, resulting in a noise like a fingernails on a chalkboard. He then fled his room, buck naked, and opened the door to the nearest room, which had a lady redshirt with a face full of "beauty mud." Hearing only that there was commotion in the area, I sent a couple men there as Security couldn't be reached. Poor Thor was supposedly found sobbing, "I canth taketh much more of this!"

The two men I sent, newcommer Ensign Falken, and another who arrived by shuttle just before the Thor incident, an Ensign Cosworth Dvorak. Dvorak seems more competant judging by his records, but less confident. He supposedly fainted at the scene. But that may just be a bad start. I'm sure Lott will find him a very valuable assistant.

That is, when she and Tarra get out of their current situation.

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