SD 07/29/06 - "Does this make her a 'Double-Pipe' ?" - It just gets weirder.

At least Half is thrilled with her change, at least for the moment.

Paying a visit to Medical, I found something of a surpurise. Tarra, sedated due to her reaction to the news, had shrunk to Half's old size. Amazing to see the once tall Kzinrette at 4' 10." Lott lay on another bed, shrunken just as porportional from her old size. Lott seemed depressed and resigned. In contrast, Half was much more confident. Then again, she was at Tarra's former height of 6' 7" ! Klingons sometimes get big, but very seldom that big, especially in recent history. Her one problem, her old uniform was too small for her, and unable to get one her size had tried simply tying it to cover her unmentionables, with mixed results.

Lott requested to the EMH that he contact Lynx, so he did. She soon arrived, apparently woken from slumber as she looked half-asleep. She blinked at the scene of a small Lott, a Half-sized Tarra asleep on a bed, and a Tarra-sized Half, and wondered if she was still asleep. She ordered the three of us on beds, then pointed at me, "Since this is a dream, I'll point out that one of these days I'm going to have sex with you." She then proceded to give Half a scan, then muttered, "... what the hell, I've always wondered what it would be like to have one of those dreams where you're at work in your underwear." Then proceded to strip off her clothes, with no undergarments underneath, which sent the Cloud of Censorship rushing in.

I guess it was Lynx's comment, but then Hal suggested to Lynx that she ask me out. Her response, "A date! I've been trying to have a date with him for five years! I'm just going to show up at his cabin in lingere and a silk komono that barely covers my a##, knock, and push my way in there to take advantage of him."

Needless to say, I was suprurised by these remarks. Maybe it was my desire for a solution, maybe to prove something to myself, or maybe Lott's remark that I would "fall backward, get a concusion, think he was a space pirate, and steal his own ship." In any event, I suggested a quiet evening on the holodeck when the crisis was over.

Lynx's response, "Geeze Payne, even in my dream you're a tease." It was then Lott got off the table, and pinched Lynx in the behind, "Yipe! Ummmm, I was awake?" She then fainted, becoming another paitent for the EMH.

Taking a crisis like this and turning it into a question of dating? Oh well, she was half asleep, thought she actually was, and still did it with more finess than Lera.

In any event, Half, if we can still cal her that, will be taking over some of the researching from the increasingly burdened EMH. Trouble is, as she continues to grow, how long can she handle the controls, or for that matter stay in the science lab? "Double-Pipe" Holly will soon be going to a triple, then quadruple, quintuple, etc.

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