SD 08/19/06 - "The Tommyknocker" - No change in the progression of the conditions of Halfpipe, Lott, and Tarra. Half is approaching ten feet tall, and has taken to wearing sheets of cloth instead of having to get into a new uniform every twenty minutes. Lott has become so small, people's pets are starting to make her nervous. The EMH agreed to allow her to leave Medical, but insisted she wear a medical monitor. Tarra is still in there.

A ship came by to deliver supplies, the supply ship SS Tommyknocker. But aside from several containers of science samples to be anylized once our crisis is over, all we got one one single lousy bag of tricitacal-, er, tricipa-, trike-, hybrid wheat.

I suppose the samples were the real reason, but one lousy sack ... that just speaks volumes about how much we're appreciated.

NARRATIVE: Ben Dover had gotten a housecat at the starbase, a recomendation by a psychyatrist there saying it would help soothe his nerves. Unofrtunetly, it being thrown out the door of the Science Lab after it scares Lott, puts it in a very unsoothing mood.

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