SD 09/09/06 - "A Pirate's Life For Me" - Thankfully, a cure to Tarra and Lott's shrinking and Half's "growing problem" was found. The ending seemed rather anticlamatic, aside from Half's wishing she could stay a giant. Trouble is, there were no signs of her growth stopping. We'd have to risk the buggy transporter to move her to the cargo bay, then off the ship. I wonder if it would make her feel better that Droolin was feeling a little sad about it too.

And so, life goes on, or rather bumps, stumbles, and falls.

Just now, Admiral S'Cowl gave us some new orders Or rather, one of his underlings did. He continues to show contempt for us by refusing to give us his orders himself, so lately I've been ordering the screen off when he calls. Okay, that K'Lynxyl was sitting in my lap at the time was another reason. Either she's flirting or has some interesting ways of counseling.

In any event, we're to report to Sector 79 for war games. Our role, to play the part of a pirate ship. This is probably one of his ways of belittling us. On the other hand, we can take advantage of it. The lack of reliable spare parts has been getting on the crew's nerves. If we have to be pirates, maybe we can relax dress codes and other protocols. Too bad Lera isn't still around, I might have considered letting her exercise her little quirk. But Lynx and Tarra with their desire to show a little bare arm and leg should appreciate it.

I suppose there'll be quite a few cases of hamming it up with very bad talk-like-a-pirate lines and much saying of "Arrrrr," but oh well. The crew could use this break in the routine.

Now I just need to do something about all these loose lightbulbs falling on people's heads ...

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