SD 11/25/06 - "A Kooky Pet"

NARRATIVE The pirate adventure continues as Captain Two-Patches (Payne still under amnesia thinking he's a pirate) commends Lott for her, unique methods of persuasion, of getting the Ferrengi Damion Kook's combination for the swiped vault, though wonders why the ammount of latinum in there was so small. Then they're both called to the Brig as the Ferrengi (who looks a lot like a hamster due to a transporter accident), demands to be let go on the grounds he paid a "proper bribe" to Lott, and demands to take Tarra with him as well, reminding them his father owned her as a slave and says he inherited ownership. Unsually grim-faced, Patches calls Tarra over and questions her on the matter. Then he seemingly lets the Ferrengi go, and approches the two with a large collar and chain ... then slaps it on the stunned hamsterfied Ferrengi and hands the leash to Tarra, saying the Damion is now her servant. Gleeful, Tarra yanks him to her and Lynx's room, aka the "pillow pit," and the girls make him shake and sweat as they treat him like a housepet while saying how they would rend and shred any Ferrengi who went after them.

Lott deposits the latimum she "recovered" earlier in a safe place, and finds a Ferrengi teddy bear, that recites the Rules of Acquisition when squeezed, and swallows it, where it continues to sound off. She then joins the girls and "Fluffy" as they call Tarra's new pet, where they joke over Lott's "noisy belly" and truly terrify the toy's old owner when they suggest he go down there and get it. Meanwhile, Thor goes to the holodeck where he hopes to play a pornoholo, but instead gets Barney the Dinosaur.

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