SD 12/02/06 - "Goodbye Bosom Buddies"

NARRATIVE The pirate adventure seems to slow down for the moment as Lott and Johan Falken meet Lynx in Sickbay. Lynx dopes up "Fluffy" with stimulants, and he ends up in a cheery daze. Half activates the EMH, and at first asks about a sex-change operation. But when Emmy hesitates, asking if she consulted Lynx about it, she decides upon a breast-reduction surgery. Johan finds the whole scene so disturbing, particuarly after the EMH asks if he's after a change as well, he asks the computer to beam him out to the Bridge. Instead, it malfunctions, and instead he ends up in a girls' locker room with voices on the outside getting closer and there's only one door out of here.

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