SD 12/09/06 - "A Nightmare before Xmas"aka "A Christmas Slay""

NARRATIVE The Emergency Medical Hologram gets Commander Halfpipe Holey ready for breast reduction surgery via a liposuction. But something goes wrong, and he gets replaced by the Holodeck's Haloween vampire: Count Suckula, whom decides to perform his own method of liposiuction on them. From the Holodeck, Thor and Lt. Cmdr. Tarra Nebendi get warnings about the malfunction, and rush over just in time to hear Half's cries for help as the vampire gorges on her. But when the vampire proves a bit clumsy for them, Thor decides patching up Half's bosom is more of a priority. Then Johan Falken appears, and after replicating a crossbow and finding a wooden stake, distracts the vampire and then puts an end to him, at least until another holodeck malfunction sets him loose again. As for Halfpipe, even though the vamp gave her the liposuction she wanted, she decides she wants her old size back, and so Tarra gets out a bicycle pump ...

Meanwhile, Lynx tries to sneak into Payne's room, but the door opening on it's own scares her off.

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