First Officer's Logs

Lee's notes and logs as the USS Freedom's XO

I was the second in command, or "Executive Officer"/XO of the sim for about a year before the previous Captain resigned. Here's a quick overview of what happened in 2000, and the first of the regular logs I began doing for view.

Spring, Summer 2000 Overview - The Freedom arrives at a planet, and an away team beams down to a temple, that turns out to be rich in golden artifacts. Cpt. Treki takes some in the name of scientific research (actually, she looted the place for personal gain), and a mishap results in some of the crew temporarily trapped inside. The Priestess asks to stay with the ship and Treki brings her in. Supposedly, the artifacts disappear durring a surprise visit from Admiral Dude.

After notable episodes of the sapient computer "Compy" going psychotic, turning off safeties in the holodeck, replicating tons of jello then transporting it to fill entire decks, etc., and a few attempts to discipline it such as confining the program in a virtual cage with a hologram of Barney the Dinosaur, the malicious program finally looses it and makes the USS Freedom D self-destruct. The bridge crew winds up seperated from the other survivors in their own shuttlecraft. Tensions build with the body odors in confined spaces until they get a lucky break and find a derilict alien ship of unknown orgin. The crew boards it and after some exploration get it runnning back to the Starbase. Unfortunetly, a humanoid body is found with Compy's brainwaves and Lee is infected with some agent. When Lee is doused with Junkyskyo water to stop him from turning into a giant roach, Compy awakens and breaks out of his cell. Lee, with his now superfast reflexes, is able to fight him to a standstill until the crew is able to beam Compy into space, finishing him off for good. The alien ship eventually reaches a starbase, where Admiral Dude thanks the crew for their find and orders a new Cardinal Class ship named USS Freedom - E . And so, Starfleet's wackiest ship continues on.


Fall, Winter 2000 Overview - Admiral Ironbottom assumes command of the sector, and orders the Freedom to explore the Galactic Barrier, from inside. The Enterprise under Kirk had made a mission decades ago, but the records were lost. And the Freedom encounters the same problem Kirk's ship did. Several crew members black out, and Lee begans developing superhuman mental powers. Unfortunetly, they result in the mild-mannered officer slowly turning evil. Ael, however, develops similar powers but retains her more-balanced personality. Just as the two are about to fight, someone sloshes them with Junkeskyo spring water, turning Lee into his Junk form of a Caitian, and Ael into a small crocidile. Cures prove elusive until the next planetary exploration when the away team scouts the planet, takes a bath in the hot springs :::insert photo of naked Lera in hot spring with Caitian male:::, and Lee and Ael are cured.

Stardate 1-06-01 "Trouble in Paradise #1"

Stardate 1-13-01 "Trouble in Paradise #2"

Stardate 1-20-01 "Trouble in Paradise #3"

Stardate 1-27-01 "Trouble in Paradise #4"

Stardate 2-03-01 "Shoreleave #1"

Stardate 2-17-01 "Shoreleave #2"

Stardate 2-24-01 "GIECO, not Gecko #1"

Stardate 3-10-01 "GIECO, not Gecko #2"

Stardate 3-17-01 "Take me out to the Holosuite #1"

Stardate 3-24-01 "Take me out to the Holosuite #2"

Stardate 3-31-01 "Take me out to the Holosuite #3"

Stardate 4-07-01 "Compy's Revenge #1"

Stardate 4-21-01 "Compy's Revenge #2" (Treki's last apperance)

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