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U.S.S. Freedom

The wackiest ship in Starfleet

Image of Freedom

Bumper sticker in back: WE BRAKE FOR NOBODY

Do you like Star Trek? Do you like to laugh? Do you like meeting new friends and having adventures? Do you like being tackled by over-friendly Kzinrettes and given playful noogies? Er...never mind about that last question.

Let us introduce you to a Star Trek Simulation called the FKA USS Freedom. The Freedom is one of the best comedy Sims on-line. Its purpose is to get you laughing so hard that you won't be able to figure out how to get the stain off your chair :)

The Freedom is a fast-paced, creative ship with an excellent crew. She has been a prominent member of the Federation-Klingon Alliance (one of AOL's premier Star Trek Sim Groups) for several years. We have many positons available and are open to all your suggestions. Feel free to look around. If you have any questions, please E-Mail MMLee.


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The Universe of the USS Freedom sim - a "warped" look at Trek (updated 7/29/06 ).

Freedom Information Packet - a few sim guidelines.

Syntax Guide - guidelines on how to type your lines.

The crew of the USS Freedom (Heaven help their souls). ( updated 02/11/07 )

Captain's Log my character's personal logs. ( updated 2/13/07 )

USS Freedom Art - pictures of a few of the crew. ( updated 4/09/06 )

Diagram of the USS Freedom

a few more Cardinal/Phoenix class starship pictures

favored Freedom weblinks ( updated 03/03/06 )

News - What's new with the website and sim. ( updated 02/11/07 )

A brief history of the sim (from the point of view of the current Captain )

NOTE This is, above all, a comedy sim with gratuitous use of humor, and parody. Serious Trekkies whose hearts skipped a beat upon hearing of Spock's "death" in the second movie may want to look elsewhere.

This sim is rated PG, with some PG-13 material.

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Last Updated: February 13, 2007

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