Captain's Log, Stardate '04

Stardate 01-10-04 "Welcome to Risa #3" aka "The Return of Hojo"

Stardate 01-17-04 "Welcome to Risa #4" aka "Beached Bum"

Stardate 02-07-04 "Welcome to Risa #5" aka "Lynx Exposed"

Stardate 02-14-04 "Welcome to Risa #6" aka "Lera in a Bind"

Stardate 03-06-04 "Welcome to Risa #7" aka "Memories, Without Them in the Moonlight"

Stardate 03-13-04 "Welcome to Risa #8" aka "Behind Door Number One ... "

Stardate 04-04-04 "Welcome to Risa #9" aka "Auction Action "

Stardate 04-17-04 "Welcome to Risa #10" aka "Banned from Risa "

Stardate 05-01-04 "Catfight"

Stardate 05-08-04 "Heavy Breathing"

Stardate 05-22-04 "Supply-Side Economics"

Stardate 05-29-04 "Lynxl of Arabia and the Talking Tiger"

Stardate 06-05-04 "Counseling Gone Wrong, Killer Starfish, and Belting Droolin"

Stardate 06-12-04 "Hopping Mad"

Stardate 07-17-04 "Going to the Dogs"

Stardate 07-24-04 "Doggone"

Stardate 08-07-04 "Rain of Terror"

Stardate 08-14-04 "When Psycho Kitties Attack"

Stardate 08-28-04 "Do You Believe in Magic?" aka "Getting Your Goat"

Stardate 09-04-04 "Do You Believe in Magic? #2" aka "Love Potion No. 5?"

Stardate 09-11-04 "Do You Believe in Magic? #3" aka "Halfpipe Returns"

Stardate 09-25-04 "Do You Believe in Magic? #4" aka "I See Crazy People"

Stardate 10-02-04 "Do You Believe in Magic? #5" aka "Misfortune Teller"

Stardate 10-09-04 "Do You Believe in Magic? #6" aka "Hamstercism"

Stardate 10-16-04 "The Naked Truth"

Stardate 10-30-04 "Party Preperations"

Stardate 11-13-04 "Costume Party"

Stardate 11-27-04 "No, I'm not Harvey"

Stardate 12-04-04 "The Wrath of Ironbottom"

Stardate 12-11-04 "The Wrath of Ironbottom #2" aka "Jailbreak"

Stardate 12-18-04 "The Wrath of Ironbottom #3" aka "Goodbye Freedom-E"

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